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Beta Man is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 677,889,314 and a zenny total of 1,644,350. Beta Man created his account on June 27th, 2014 and has since completed 453 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 101 special abilities, and 373 field stars. Beta Man's most-used playable character is Dr. Wily, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Mega Man, Crash Man, Bass, Metal Man and Proto Man. Prior to the game-changing battle point reboot of 2016, Beta Man had amassed a grand total of 183,557,641 battle points and reached 63rd place.

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Welcome to my Profile!

"Just wait, everyone. Killer and Quint codes will become a thing!"
-Me in the chat, 4-5-2015

I joined June 27th, 2014, and I enjoyed the game a LOT. And I still do today. And now, I'm back in the leaderboard game! Woo! (Also, I hang around the community a lot too.
I do art requests for Alts and Smash Bros. introductions (It doesn't have to be you), but NEVER full sprite sheets, custom sprites, or artwork editing. Either PM me or tell me in the chat (when I'm there).

ASN-000: Bt Man Ghost | Weakness: None (Ghost Form)/Time, Electric, and other Added Weaknesses (Possessing other robots) | Resistance: All (Ghost Form)/Shadow and other Added Resistances (Possessing)| A ghost created from a corrupted area by Beta's recolor-based past. Pretty much likes to "haunt" Beta, Sargent, and Ninja Man, but doesn't really hang out with a lot of others, thus his existence is unknown to the public. Whether he is good or evil is unknown.
ASN-001: Beta Man | Weakness: Time and Electric | Resistance: Shadow | The first All-Star Number. He was created to assist Mega Man in his adventures. His closest friend is MegaBoy.
ASN-002: Sargent Man | Weakness: Swift and Shield | Resistance: Missile and Explode | One of Beta Man's friends and allies. A member of the Army of Robotics, lead by Commando Man. The third wheel of my characters, he usually spends his time working at his actual job, even if it means staying at base doing pretty much nothing. Currently missing, however...
*I may work on recreating the other ASNs in the future.*

The Main Shadow Robot Numbers
ice-man SRN-003: Ice Shadow | Weakness: Electric and Explode | Resistance: Shadow, Flame, and Freeze | Used to be one of Evil Man's right hand men before his assumed death. Ice Shadow and Fire Shadow now tries to find a way to continue Evil Man's legacy while hiding in the shadows.
fire-man SRN-005: Fire Shadow | Weakness: Freeze and Wind | Resistance: Shadow, Water, and Flame | Used to be one of Evil Man's right hand men before his assumed death. Fire Shadow and Ice Shadow now tries to find a way to continue Evil Man's legacy while hiding in the shadows.
gemini-man SRN-019: Gemini Shadow | Weakness: Nature and Flame | Resistances: Shadow, Freeze, and Electric | After Evil Man's assumed death, most of his robots decided to work for the greater good. Gemini Shadow became the host to various events, mainly tournaments. His closest friend is Crystal Shadow.
And my OTHER Main Characters!
bass ERN-000: Evil Man | Weakness: None | Resistance: Shadow | Used to be one of Wily's creation until he got an urge to destroy humanity, possibly due to Wily's lack of ability to make obedient robots. Currently Dead (Assumingly.)
HWN-002: Ninja Man | Weakness: Time | Resistance: Shadow and Swift | The second robot of the HWN (Hidden Wily Number) series (the first being Retro Pikachu), a group of robots created to counter Dr. Light's ASN series. At first, Ninja Man's focus was to destroy all Shadow-Core robots (which was a problem, what with Shadow Man himself being a Shadow-Core), but the problem was eventually fixed, Ninja Man becoming one of Wily's most loyal and obedient robots. Ninja Man is Beta Man's rival, but he also shares a small rivalry with Zero. He also hates being called a "hero" because of the various times he was forced to join forces with Beta Man and the others.
S?N-001: Jazz MKII | Weakness: ??? | Resistance: Laser | Created to be a copy of Proto Man (which that role was probably taken from him by Proto Man MKII), Jazz was originally created by Wily with a strong laser attack and a holographic version of the Proto Shield. Jazz is competitive and would join in any type of competition, but while he isn't much of a sore loser, he would be disappointed if a competition was cancelled or postponed or if someone were to be cheating. Eventually, Wily had him shut down... But someone stole and upgraded him, taking full control over Jazz and converting him into Jazz MKII.
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Me in MMPU

Mega Man
Ah, you have arrived!
mega-man Beta Man? Not you, too!
Now, time for you to see a TRUE All-Star!

In the year 20XX, with the advancement of science, humans were able to create industrial humanoid robots. Invented by the foremost authority on robotics, Dr. Light, Beta Man is a helper at the lab.
Intro Field
roll We have a problem!
dr-wily Wahahahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. The name's Wily! The one and only - the brilliant scientist, Dr. Wily! It may seem rather sudden to you, but I've decided I'd like to take over the world! *Evil laugh* Ahem! Anyway, to begin... Dr. Light! I'll be taking your precious robots! (bursts in) Nuhahahaha!! That is to say... Hmm?... What's this? Oh, Beta Man... How would you like to join your brothers? Nuhahahahah!
roll Our friends are in trouble, Beta Man! Quickly, follow me to the lab!

Dr. Light's Lab
dr-light ...What insanity! Using my robots to conquer the world...
Don't worry, Dr. Light, I'll stop Wily!
dr-light Beta Man?! (starts thinking) Hmmm... Alright... I understand. I don't like it, but sometimes, such things must be done... I must make the necessary preparations.

dr-light Your Beta Blast is a ball of Shadow Energy that can explode on contact. Your powers are stronger in dark areas.
Let's do this.

Vs. Cut Man
cut-man With the looks of your color, you must be a bad robot! Dr. Wily was right!
Well, that's offensive of you, Cut Man.
cut-man It may cut me in half, but I will make you good!

Vs. Bomb Man
bomb-man Ah ah! Don't run off! Let's have a little fun with my explosives!
Those bombs... Normally, you are careful with them, but now...
bomb-man You shoulda come the day before yesterday! I had some big boom-booms then!

Vs. Ice Man
ice-man There's something dangerous up ahead, sir! Oh? Freeze it at all costs, soldier!
Did Wily programmed an alternate personality in you or something?
ice-man Orders are orders, so I better get started.

Vs. Fire Man
fire-man Fiiiiire! Burn! Burn! My justice burns hotly! Evil beware!
Ah, great, Wily made him crazy! I'll have to knock some sense into him.
fire-man Fiiiiire!

Vs. Oil Man
oil-man Hey, whadja come out here for? Don'tcha have a place near your house for fill-ups?
I'm not here for oil, man. ...No pun intended.
oil-man Too bad it's gonna get all over you once I'm done!

Vs. Elec Man
elec-man You think you can beat me? How shocking!
Let's make this battle ELECTRIFYING! Heh, see what I did there?
elec-man Mmm... to watch my beautiful bolts fly to the top of your head... To hear your delightful shrieks...

Vs. Time Man
time-man It's about time. You are late.
How about YOU try to fight an army in your little maze.
time-man I don't have time to play your games.

Vs. Guts Man
guts-man Hey, men only! Little boys don't belong here. Go home before you get hurt!
Let's just get this over with, you have to come home!
guts-man You big idiot! What'll happen to me if I get fired?! I'm gonna take you down with me!

Vs. Mega Man?/Copy Robot
Hey, Beta Man. I just joined Dr. Wily. Want to join as well?
I don't know who you are, but you are not fooling me!
Thought for sure that I could... Guess I'll have to take you down.

Vs. Copy Beta (Inspiration of Design from BaM Comic Reboot Beta)
Well, well, well. Look who we have here!
That color, that power, that voice... Your just a knock-off of me! Was Wily out of ideas?
Knock-off? Ha! I am a perfect copy!

Vs. Dr. Wily
dr-wily If only I had programmed you differently back then! ...It would have been genius! It's the only mistake I've made in my life!
No, the mistake was thinking you could get away with this. Someone has to stop you, and it shall be me!
dr-wily Wha... Why you insolent fool! I will crush you with a loud, loud crunch! Behold, my latest creation, the ultimate combat robot, Wily Machine Number 1! Nuhahahahaha!

And so, thanks to the heroic actions of Beta Man, Dr. Wily's evil plan has failed, and peace has been brought upon the world... For now, that is...

And here are some extra pre-fight cutscenes!

Beta Man was relaxing in Light Labs, when suddenly there was an outbreak in Roboenza! To get to the bottom of it, Beta Man, the only robot unaffected by Roboenza, sets out on a quest to stop the spread of Roboenza.
bass So, you arrived.
Zero? Not you, too!
bass Hmph. You'll be too easy.

Get Z-Saber!

bass Well, well, well. If it isn't Beta Man!
Meta? Oh no, the Roboenza is spreading fast! I have to stop you, Meta!
bass Heh, whatever. This'll be too easy!

Get Starforce Laser! (Because I have no idea, and let's be honest, the only thing relevant about Meta is the fact that he still gets online. Meta as a CHARACTER, on the other hand...)

BONUS FIGHT #3: Ender Man
Ah, Beta Man, you made it!
Ender Man? Heh, might as well get the Water Bucket.
Oh, ha ha ha. Just for that, I'll make sure you'll be taking a bath in a lava pit!

Get Ender Ring!

BONUS FIGHT #4: Musical
time-man Oh-ho! Beta Man has arrived!
Musical, I don't want to fight you!
time-man Of course you don't! I'm too glamourous, fabulous, and PERFECT for you to defeat me!

Get Musical Note!

Do you really think you'll stand a chance against me?
Hey, Proto. Are you ACTUALLY infected with Roboenza, or did NiceIce or someone troll you again?
...I'm going to enjoy this far more than I should.

Get Proto Laser! (Or something, idk.)

ice-man I won't let you get any further, Beta Man!
Ice Man? ...Wait, no, it's just NiceIce. You should REALLY change your appearance, you know.
ice-man WHAT!? I'll show YOU not to make fun of my appearance!

Get Ice Slasher! (Because I think the character of NiceIce is still just a Copy Robot of Ice Man. No offense, though.)

BONUS FIGHT #7: Rotom (Speedrun Version)
HEE HeE Hee...
...That energy, escaping your body... It's Roboenza! How did you manage to cure yourself!?
fOoL! i aM DarK MaTtER! nOw PrEPaRe To be TurNEd to StONe!

BONUS FIGHT #7.5: Rotom (Actual, Non-Speedrun Version)
Hey! Who said you could leave! ...Yeah, that's right, you only leave when I tell you to!
...Rotom, are you talking to the fridge again?
Oh! Beta Man! You came in unexpected- ...I mean... Just fight me already, you ⑨!

Either way, Get Thunder Shock!

proto-man So, Beta Man. You have arrived.
...Do I... Know you?
proto-man It matters not. All that matters is that I shall be the one to strike you down.

Get Copy Arm! (Available abilities: Super Throw, Quick Block, Hard Knuckle, Drill Bomb, Water Wave)

Now for some Fortress Boss Stuff, which includes ONE non-prototyper! Because he couldn't just resist...

BONUS FIGHT #9: Retro Pikachu(?)
proto-man ...
Retro Pikachu!? ...Whew, it's just a fake. That must mean it's weaker, too! Otherwise I wouldn't be facing him this early in the castle... Right?
proto-man ...

BONUS FIGHT #10: Ninja Man Told you he couldn't resist...
Finally! Beta Man! The time has come to end our rivalry, and to prove that I am Wily's greatest-
UUUUUUUUUUUGH. Can we just do this later?
You say that EVERY time. And EVERY time, you refuse! However, this time you don't have a choice. This time, you face me... Or be scrapped by me immediately! There will be no way around a fight THIS time, Beta Man!

BONUS FIGHT #11: MegaBoy
Ah, so you finally made it all the way here.
MegaBoy... I don't want it to come to this!
I didn't want it to, either, but the time has come to see which one of us is stronger!

BONUS FIGHT #12: Wily (Final Boss)
dr-wily You gotten all the way here, Beta Man... Too bad it'll all be for nothing!
I had enough of this, Wily! You forced me to attack my friends (and some other guy I don't know), and now I'm here to take you down!
dr-wily HA! You won't be able to defeat my Wily Machine Z, Beta Man! Just try it!

dr-wily Impressive, you taken down my Wily Machine Z. But let's see how you fair with my Wily Capsule MKXVIII!
XVIII? How many times have you USED that thing?

dr-wily That's it! I've had enough! Prepare to face my WILY SUIT: DELUXE! (As seen in Cut's Corner! ...And MM8BDM, too. ...And I think a Mega Man Soccer Game because THAT'S a thing.)
Oh, that thing? I heard you used that on Cut Man and lost. And if Cut Man can do it... Then this might as well be a pushover.

dr-wily Bah! This calls for retreat!
*Blocks Wily's path* I don't think so!
dr-wily WAH! *Begs for mercy*
Oh come on, that trick has gotten old so fast it's your age. (OH SNAP!)
dr-wily ...I see. Well, here's a trick that never gets old! *Uses a Flash Bomb on Beta Man and gets away*
GAH! WILY! ...Great, I lost him... He'll be brought to justice one day...
And so, Beta Man obtained enough Roboenza Cure to cure everyone infected, then pressed the castle's self destruction. He then teleports out, leaving the Evil Lair to be destroyed. Beta gives Dr. Light the Roboenza Virus to distribute. 3 months later, when all the Roboenza has been taken care of, a celebration was held for Beta's bravery, with all his friends there as well after their own recoveries.

My MMRPG TCG Card Storage!
Username List:
Bt Man (Original Main Username)
Beta Man (Current Main Username)
Evil Man (Halloween 2014)
Gift Man (Holiday 2014/15)
Independence Man (4th of July 2015)
Nightmare Man (Halloween 2015)
Beta Blizzard (Holiday 2015/16)
Beta Firecracker (4th of July 2016)
Beta Shadow Kirby (Kirby User Trend of 2016, September 10/11)
Beta Reaper (Halloween 2016)
Beta Claus (Holiday 2016/17)
Alucard (April Fools 2017)
My Main Threads:
skull-man Robot Master Batte Cycle: Learn how to defeat Robot Masters! (Currently Dead)
skull-man Forum Game: Snowball Fight: My first Forum Game! Fight each other with snowballs in the Forum version of the classic winter activity! (Currently Dead)
time-man Backstory Time!: Do you have a character in the Roleplay Community? Does the character have his/her own story that you want to share? Well, this is the thread for you!
skull-man The RPG Database: Also for fan-made robot masters, I also have this to display things like weaknesses and such. However, the idea is also used by others, so this is just one of the few. (Currently Dead)
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Let me tell you a story... of the Missing Numbers!

Dr. Light and Cossack work day and night on the prototype. They plan to recreate data of the past Robot Masters to insert. They find data, but a glitch happened while they're being inserted. They become "bugged" robot masters and roam the Prototype. Dr. Light dubs them the Missing Numbers, or TMN. They can't find them the rest of the time they're working on it to create true robot masters, so they believe the system deleted them. However, that is not the case. In fact, they roam around in- they roam- Dr.- TMN- Missing- system-
Error 101010101-

Credit- MBM- Goes to- 10-12-14
...Testing. Testing. ...Ok, it's working. How did that story glitch up my systems? Aw, well. ON TO MILESTONES (& Celebratory Messages)!

proto-man proto-man My first milestone on 9-23-14: Top 50! proto-man proto-man
bass bass 9-29-14: 100,000+ Zenny! (Too bad it'll all be spent on attacks and fields... And by fields, I mean when they come) bass bass
skull-man skull-man 10-5-14: Happy Super Early Halloween! skull-man skull-man
mega-man mega-man 12-7-14: Happy Hollidays! mega-man mega-man
mega-man mega-man Happy 4th of July/Independence Day/Saturday (Non-Americans) 2015! mega-man mega-man
mega-man mega-man 11-25-15: New Username! mega-man mega-man
wood-man wood-man 4-22-16: Happy Earth Day, I guess. wood-man wood-man
proto-man mega-man 1-13-17: Happy 17th Birthday to me! bass mega-man
spring-man spring-man 3-5-17: First to find and scan Spring Man! (At least I'm certain.) spring-man spring-man

mega-man mega-man Be sure to check out my new SmackJeeves Account. mega-man mega-man
mega-man mega-man And here is the main comic that I work on with MegaBoy, Beta and Mega Adventures! mega-man mega-man
You made it here. Great! Time for yet another story! This one is called "The Pipe".
Once Upon a time, There was two Young men. They liked building robots together, and every single robot had a pipe on them. Everyday they worked on robots. But one day they built a robot without a pipe. Everyone went mad. Then they died.
Now it does not stop there! Dr. Albert Wily heard of this story and it's lesson. He made MOST of his castles with pipes. If the ones did not have the pipe, he was near death. When Mega Man came along, most times Dr. Wily got arrested. However, in some situations, he almost died. These mostly happened in the No piped games. So here's a rule: always build your castle with a pipe on it. Understood?
-Told by MegaBoyX7 on 4-25-16

MegaBossMan/MegaBonesMan made me this and finished it on I think 8-10-14:
Ninja Man Ninja Outfit
mega-man I asked for Shadow Man.
bass I don't care, it looks great!

And then this the same day:
Shadow Man Ninja Outfit
mega-man There we go.
bass Still, mine looks great.

And the same day again:

And on 10-13-14:
Roleplay Enker
mega-man What brings me to suggest this was to represent the mind control. It looks cool.

Later that day...
Missing Number Bubble Man
mega-man What do you MEAN he's no longer dead?
bass It means he's no longer dead.
mega-man Well, what do we do with this image?
bass I don't know, just place it somewhere!
Quote Collection
bass ZeroDXZ: "When it really comes down to it,...there is no such thing as a "right" or a "wrong", it's just the sense of knowing of how everything happens,.... and why."
time-man Musical: "So, uh, (quick! think of something) Super Mintario" Me: "Ah, Super Mintario... My favorite game on it was Cap Man 2. :P"
cut-man Cut Man (SSN's RPG): "I'm okay! There's not even that big of a 'cut'."
bright-man Mikey/Mike: "Wonder if there's a name for the study of meteorites." Ender: "SSNlogy." SSN, don't pretend that's not true. :P

And now, a conversation of sorts. (This came from Musical's RP Adrian's Mansion. This is a conversation between Rotom and the Beta from MegaTale.)
BETA! I know you're in cahoots with the key-stealing moose. Just admit it! Just admit it! I KNOW you plan on doing portal technology to take over entire worlds!
...You must've gotten the wrong number. I don't know about this whole key-stealing thing or taking over worlds stuff, but I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of this.
Oh, by the way, is your refrigerator running?
If that were the case, I wouldn't have heard this talk about worlds between you and the very same moose who happened to steal my key.
Also, last time I checked, the Chateau's power wasn't on. Mainly because it is RARELY on.
That fridge ain't going anywhere unless I tell it to! OH SNAP, I JUST WENT THERE!
That fridge joke Rotom made was just too funny to be placed on just one page. Which is why it is here. But if I didn't post the beginning of the conversation, that would make it a bit confusing. So there we go.

Rotom: "I think the most appropriate and peaceful solution would be to KILL THE THING TO THE AFTERLIFE SO HARD THAT IT PERISHES TO DEATH!!"
*Chat does the alphabet* Ender: "And now you know your ABCs... Now get out."
ice-man NiceIce: "you want to kill me now" proto-man RedBomber: "Ice, I wanted to kill you a long time ago."
proto-man RedBomber: "My NiceIce senses are tingling."
ring-man Ring Man (TheDoc): "But let's be honest: You can never have too much power."

Another conversation, this time in Chat!
Ender: *Shows a video of sorts*
quick-man MegaBossMan: "25 seconds in and I'm already hearing you spin me round."
Me: "Where's Top Man when you need him?"

bright-man Mikey (Adrian's Mansion): "'Starforce isn't that bad Mikey, you're just overreacting' well who's interacting when Starforce causes world wa- Oh, someone's here. Uh... Can I help you with anything?"
Congrats, you made it this far. Here comes another story, which is based on my MegaTale AU thing.
This is an AU by Crimson called...
SixBuster (Based on the SixBones Undertale AU)
So In Mikey's Lab, he heard a knock on the door.
It was Beta, carrying MegaBoy, who's systems have been fatally wounded and is unconscious.
Beta asked Mikey to fix MegaBoy, and Mikey took MegaBoy over to his lab.
Beta, who was watching Mikey try and fix Mega, looked at Mikey closely, never taking his eyes of him, pressuring him.
Eventually! He finished! Yay!
Let me guess, not?
met You sir, are correct!
Megaboy's face began to slowly melt, and Beta had to try and help him.
Eventually, Beta got stuck together on Megaboy's body.
Thus forming...

Stuff People made for me/my characters that you didn't see yet:

by ZeroDXZ


by ZeroDXZ still

by ZeroDXZ, featuring Meta!

by ZeroDXZ, also featuring Meta

Who else but Zero?

ZeroDXZ again, but this time it includes Zero himself.

Zero made THIS one with some Touhou Creation Style thing. What IS Touhou, anyways? Eh, guess it doesn't matter.
Here are some random mugshots I made of Beta Serif, an alternate reality version of myself/Beta Man in my MMRPG Undertale AU, MegaTale:

Basic Wink Blink Closed Blank Bad Time (AKA the unimpressive Mugshot) Empty Eyes Confused Shocked Worried/Hiding Something Unimpressed

Personally, I like them, yet they're kinda "meh" at the same time. I think my least favorite is the confused mugshot, and I kinda don't like some of the positions, like the Bad Time/Purple Eye's position. But hey, that's my opinion, and we all got 'em.

Here are some other mugshots, just for the heck of it.
Beta Basic Beta Confused Beta Unimpressed Ninja Man Bt Ghost Sargent Man Jazz MKII (Not really a secret-related character anymore.) Copy Robot/Mega Man? (Who recently became one of my favorites somehow.) Copy Beta (See Above) Beta Reaper (Yet to be used)

Alright, let me explain Beta Reaper's mugshot. For starters, Beta Shadow came from Mega Man's mugshot in Super Mario Crossover, so credit where it is due (though I'm not sure of it's true origins or creator). Second of all, let me tell you how this design came to be. Reaper was GOING to just be Author Beta (as seen here). However, I am NOT good with custom spriting, and had no idea how to do the hair. So, I tried a few other things so that Reaper isn't just a Beta recolor. Long story short, Reaper's design is now a mixture of the 4 main Betas: Classic/Basic Beta, Comic Reboot Beta, Beta Serif, and Author Beta (which I already shown you). Also, I KNOW the mugshot is big. However, regular size would be too SMALL, and I'm pretty sure a 150% resize would've messed it up. And since I want you to actually SEE the mugshot, I decided it's better for it to be BIGGER than the average mugshot rather than SMALLER.
And some random images because why not:

I am a Charizard. FEAR ME! *Insert trollface here* (Credit goes to Ender, I think.) 1 whatever is one prayer I couldn't resist. Greatest Bawss gif ever. :P IT'S TIME (Man) TO STOP! Fear the law. FEAR IT! Mikey when someone mentions Starforce

Cre͠at͘ed b̛y ͝Mega̧B̛o͡y.̸..͠
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