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Alicia Solar Flare

Alicia Solar Flare is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 184,211,483 and a zenny total of 590,523. Alicia Solar Flare created her account on August 25th, 2017 and has since completed 240 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 36 robot fighters, 58 special abilities, and 223 field stars. Alicia Solar Flare's most-used playable character is Dr. Light, and her top 5 favourite robots appear to be Proto Man, Heat Man, Mega Man, Bass and Drill Man.

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I'm the boss player in this game. I only appear every battle fields.

proto-man proto-man
bass bass

Hitpoints in Battle: 6900
Gender: Female
Role: Proto Man and Bass (Phase 1)

time-man time-man
Time Man (Phase 2)

ice-man ice-man
Ice Man (Phase 3, 4 and 1)

spark-man spark-man
Spark Man (Phase 5)

air-man air-man
Air Man (Phase 6)

Phase 1
“Don’t m-m-m-misunderstand my robots -- I just meant fun and games.”
--Alicia Solar Flare’s Proto Man and Bass, Phase 1 Failure Screen
Alicia introduces Proto Man and Bass making them animation movement with their arms and buster. In this phase, Proto Man and Bass mostly hangs out at the side and damages player/s with these attacks

• Proto Man and Bass Shoots Rain Flush from his ability, which consisted of acid rain projectiles, at the players.

• They can shoot Proto Strike that travel in a straight line. They sometimes shoot one at the different time that straight to robots.

Phase 2
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to kill you in the B-B-B-Bright Burst…”
--Alicia Solar Flare’s Time Man, Phase 2 Failure Screen

In this phase, Time Man will send out a Bright Burst that hurts robots, which he throws out as a defense decrease. Some of the grinning decreasing will breaks your robot’s defense every time

After taking enough damage, Time Man is seemingly defeat with a beaten-up look until he withdrawn away then the Ice Man makes “frown” defend gesture

Phase 3, 4 and 1
“One…two…three! You’d b-b-b-better not enter my battle again!”
--Alicia Solar Flare’s Ice Man, Phase 3, 4 and 1 Failure Screen

In the phase 3 and 4, players now face whited-hooded Ice Man in a field. Ice Man, along with his weapons, shoots Ice Slasher at the robot/s, which can damage your robots, Ice Man’s Ice Breath will shoot into any robots and throws an ice flakes of snow that go straight down to the robots.

Once the players damage him enough times, Ice Man will be defeated with his eyes down on his face, opened mouth, and downed body of all one of his head.

Phase 5
“I’m a handsome robot bringing pain – one Spark Shock at a time!”
--Alicia Solar Flare’s Spark Man, Phase 5 Failure Screen

In this phase, Spark Man uses his electric attacks but are more powerful in some extent:
his Spark Shock can hurt robots who are weak to electric (e.g. Time Man or Ice Man is weak to electric)

Phase 6
"You won't get too far... it has been foretold in the battle."
--Alicia Solar Flare's Air Man, Phase 6 Failure Screen

Attacking Section
Air Man will attack with a windy powers. He will use his attacks to hit enemies. Throughout this phase, Air Man will attack every robot, which are as follows:
* Air Shooter: Air Man use his weapon to damage robots
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