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Role-Play Formatting Help

August 30th, 2014 at 11:59am
Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Use this thread as an example and/or template for your posts when you role-play in this board. You are always free to use your own formatting, of course, but new players might find it useful to start here. Check the comments for formatting examples and the code required to use them, and please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Misc Formatting Tips

Due to the character limit, comments posted in this forum category (and only this forum category) will not be held to the "no double posting" rule. You can use this to split up scenes if necessary, and it might make it easier to visually jump around locations in the story. Please do not abuse this, and only break a comment across multiple posts where necessary. If your comment is too long to post, consider whether or not you should be hogging that much of the story to yourself before breaking it apart. Abusers of this rule may have their posts deleted by the mods, so please follow them. Also, please try not to put any negative or rude comments, as RP threads are made for everyone to have fun and you do not have to participate if you want.
If you want to section-off a part of your story, you can place a horizontal rule across the page by typing a series of at least five hyphens in a row.

Sometimes you need extra spacing between two sprites or perhaps between a sprite and some text and no matter how much you try to add spaces through the editor they always get collapses back to one space. In these instances, it's helpful to use the tab space. With it you can easily separate objects and text with as much spacing as you need.

If you want to align your text to the left or right side of the page, you can use the align code below. This makes it easier for your audience to read and helps to give a sense of a character's physical relationship to others in the same scene.

[align-left]left aligned text[/align-left]
[align-center]center aligned text[/align-center]
[align-right]right aligned text[/align-right]

When writing dialog, it's helpful to include a mugshot of the character that's talking. You can combine the player/robot/mecha tag with any of the type tags for a neat inline effect. Using the above alignment code, you can easily achieve a really nice looking narrative.

[align-left][[robot]{ice-man} : There's something dangerous up ahead, sir!]{freeze}[/align-left]
ice-man : There's something dangerous up ahead, sir!

In addition to dialog, you can easily set up "scenes" using the background and foreground formatting tags together with player, robot, mecha, ability, and even item sprites. All you need to do is put your sprites in a foreground tag, then put that inside a background tag. Spacers can be used to add more distance between characters, and sprite frames and directions can easily be tweaked with some code.

[robot:right:defend]{mega-man} [tab][tab][tab] [ability:left:01]{ice-slasher} [robot:left:taunt]{ice-man}

mega-man        ice-slasher ice-man

UPDATE 2015/06/06 : In preparation for the new update, alts have been added for many characters. Among them are the "Darkness" alts, shown below. Please enjoy using them in the community until the update comes out! :)

cut-man   Cut Man Σ   cut-man      
guts-man   Guts Man Σ   guts-man      
ice-man   Ice Man Σ   ice-man      
bomb-man   Bomb Man Σ   bomb-man      
fire-man   Fire Man Σ   fire-man      
elec-man   Elec Man Σ   elec-man      
time-man   Time Man Σ   time-man      
oil-man   Oil Man Σ   oil-man      

metal-man   Metal Man Σ   metal-man      
air-man   Air Man Σ   air-man      
bubble-man   Bubble Man Σ   bubble-man      
quick-man   Quick Man Σ   quick-man      
crash-man   Crash Man Σ   crash-man      
flash-man   Flash Man Σ   flash-man      
heat-man   Heat Man Σ   heat-man      
wood-man   Wood Man Σ   wood-man      

needle-man   Needle Man Σ   needle-man      
magnet-man   Magnet Man Σ   magnet-man      
gemini-man   Gemini Man Σ   gemini-man      
hard-man   Hard Man Σ   hard-man      
top-man   Top Man Σ   top-man      
snake-man   Snake Man Σ   snake-man      
spark-man   Spark Man Σ   spark-man      
shadow-man   Shadow Man Σ   shadow-man      

bright-man   Bright Man Σ   bright-man
toad-man   Toad Man Σ   toad-man
drill-man   Drill Man Σ   drill-man
pharaoh-man   Pharaoh Man Σ   pharaoh-man
ring-man   Ring Man Σ   ring-man
dust-man   Dust Man Σ   dust-man
dive-man   Dive Man Σ   dive-man
skull-man   Skull Man Σ   skull-man

gravity-man   Gravity Man Σ   gravity-man
wave-man   Wave Man Σ   wave-man
stone-man   Stone Man Σ   stone-man
gyro-man   Gyro Man Σ   gyro-man
star-man   Star Man Σ   star-man
charge-man   Charge Man Σ   charge-man
napalm-man   Napalm Man Σ   napalm-man
crystal-man   Crystal Man Σ   crystal-man

[[robot]{cut-man_alt9} [tab]Cut Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{cut-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{guts-man_alt9} [tab]Guts Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{guts-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{ice-man_alt9} [tab]Ice Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{ice-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{bomb-man_alt9} [tab]Bomb Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{bomb-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{fire-man_alt9} [tab]Fire Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{fire-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{elec-man_alt9} [tab]Elec Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{elec-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{time-man_alt9} [tab]Time Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{time-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{oil-man_alt9} [tab]Oil Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{oil-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{metal-man_alt9} [tab]Metal Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{metal-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{air-man_alt9} [tab]Air Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{air-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{bubble-man_alt9} [tab]Bubble Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{bubble-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{quick-man_alt9} [tab]Quick Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{quick-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{crash-man_alt9} [tab]Crash Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{crash-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{flash-man_alt9} [tab]Flash Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{flash-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{heat-man_alt9} [tab]Heat Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{heat-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{wood-man_alt9} [tab]Wood Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{wood-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{needle-man_alt9} [tab]Needle Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{needle-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{magnet-man_alt9} [tab]Magnet Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{magnet-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{gemini-man_alt9} [tab]Gemini Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{gemini-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{hard-man_alt9} [tab]Hard Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{hard-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{top-man_alt9} [tab]Top Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{top-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{snake-man_alt9} [tab]Snake Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{snake-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{spark-man_alt9} [tab]Spark Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{spark-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{shadow-man_alt9} [tab]Shadow Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{shadow-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{bright-man_alt9} [tab]Bright Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{bright-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{toad-man_alt9} [tab]Toad Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{toad-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{drill-man_alt9} [tab]Drill Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{drill-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{pharaoh-man_alt9} [tab]Pharaoh Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{pharaoh-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{ring-man_alt9} [tab]Ring Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{ring-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{dust-man_alt9} [tab]Dust Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{dust-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{dive-man_alt9} [tab]Dive Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{dive-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{skull-man_alt9} [tab]Skull Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{skull-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{gravity-man_alt9} [tab]Gravity Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{gravity-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{wave-man_alt9} [tab]Wave Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{wave-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{stone-man_alt9} [tab]Stone Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{stone-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{gyro-man_alt9} [tab]Gyro Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{gyro-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{star-man_alt9} [tab]Star Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{star-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{charge-man_alt9} [tab]Charge Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{charge-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{napalm-man_alt9} [tab]Napalm Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{napalm-man_alt9}]{empty}
[[robot]{crystal-man_alt9} [tab]Crystal Man Σ[tab] [robot:left:base]{crystal-man_alt9}]{empty}

Role-Play Formatting Help
Posted by Adrian Marceau on August 30th, 2014 at 11:59am
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Posted on June 15th, 2016 at 12:50pm Edited on 2016/06/15 at 1:00pm
Posted 2016/06/15 at 12:50pm Edited 2016/06/15 at 1:00pm
Let me try something...

proto-man        ice-slasher freeze-man

Nope, placing it in the same slot does not work.

But what if...

proto-man        ice-slasher freeze-man

Well, that is a good way to expand your battlefield, but that black border is still there.
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- deleted -
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Posted on June 16th, 2017 at 7:45pm
Posted 2017/06/16 at 7:45pm

wana see if it works
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