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MMRPG Trading Card Game: The Remake!

November 10th, 2015 at 6:57pm
Beta Man
Beta Man
777,526,268 BP
36 TP | 1487 PP
Hey, remember my old MMRPG Trading Card Game RP? Yeah, THAT ancient thing? Well, some people *cough*Tails*cough* didn't like a few ideas or something like that, and I kinda feel like starting from scratch. So, yeah, take 2! Action!
Let's start with the rules, which are the same as usual, with small changes.
-There are TWO THREE types of cards: Robot Master Cards, Support Cards, and, as of recently, Field Cards.
-The maximum amount of cards in a deck is 50.
-You can only have ONE deck. You are banned from using alts just to have extra.
-You can trade for cards.
-Everyone starts with 100 Zenny in this RP. Every victory gives you 50 Zenny. You can use Zenny to get more cards.
-Run out of space in your deck? Not a problem! Use your Profile Description as a storage unit, and you can switch up your deck. However, it will require you to notify me through personal messaging.
-Each single card is 25 zenny. Every pack is 50.
-Every card you make, unless I decide otherwise, if you have more than 1 card, will go into your own pack.
-There is ONE exception to both of these above rules... Special Cards. You can win these through an event or as a prize in a tournament. One of my characters, Bt Ghost, on the other hand, had the sneakiness (and kindness?) to allow people to use zenny to buy Special Cards for 50 zenny per card.
-You can also SELL cards. Each card you decide to sell will be placed in a lot. Support Cards are 5 Zenny, RM cards, Field Cards, and Special Support Cards are 10, and Special RM Cards and Special Field Cards are 15.
-The cards you get is randomized. I will use's list generator if more than 5, and the top 5 will be your cards.
-When you create your own cards, you will have them automatically. However, I don't automatically get the starter pack cards.
-Going back to the use of, you can go here for coin flipping, a feature I banned from use in the original. The same will go for a new feature asked about by StupidStudiosN, which is the requirement of rolling dice.
-The cards can't change forms or core colors. Even though you could place certain Pokemon cards over each other as a form of evolution, the cards used hare are not real and will NOT use that feature. Also, that means more cards to fight with for you, so yay you.
-Support cards CAN'T paralyze, burn, make users fall asleep, change moves, ect., but they CAN give you a one-time use of a different attack or the attack last used by the opponent.
-Banned core types: Energy, Weapon, Attack, Defense, Speed, Weapons, Light, Wily, Cossack. These are banned from RM/weapon core types due to impossibility in-game. Empty cores, however, ARE available. The banned cores CAN be used for Powers and Support Cards.
-Speaking of core types, Powers and Attacks, if you don't know by now, do NOT have to match the core type of the robot using it.
-Powers allows you to do a thing. Idk, I think it is obvious what they do.
-I do not allow attacks that can do 100 damage or more on it's own. This means that if there is an attack that deals 90 damage and a support card (or a weakness) is used to make it do 100 or more damage, that's fine, but in other cases, no. As of lately, I had two new exceptions: Special Cards and Recoil Damage. For Special Cards, I decided to increase the damage limit to 150, mainly to make another difference between Special Cards and Regular Cards. Another exception is recoil damage: I'll allow damage of over 100 IF it comes with recoil damage of at LEAST 70 damage. However, for every 30 numbers, the recoil damage must be 70+(10*# of damage increase (by 20)). (If I said the equation wrong, then I'm sorry, but not everyone is a genius.)
-There is also a new health limit so nobody can go crazy. This limit is 300 and it goes for ALL cards, including Special Cards. (Though, Special Cards MAY get a 50-200 HP limit increase in the future, but we may see.)
-Speaking of Special Cards, one more thing: You can only have a limit of THREE Special Cards in your deck. Otherwise... Eh, not sure what would come out of it, but I'm pretty sure it's nothing good.
-We will not use Hands and Benches for the battles, there are just robots in battle, an Robots deck, and a Support Cards deck.
-I have a certain HP system in which numbers for attacks and HP MUST end with a 0. (Decimals, obviously, are also on this ban list.)
-In addition, to make things fair, the number of health the robot starts with must NOT be below 90 HP. That way, no cards can be too weak.
-I won't add cards that instantly disables (or not allow the use of) a Robot card, though I will allow one that disables SUPPORT cards.
-Ok, let's just say Guts Man uses Super Arm on Cut Man. Since it is Impact-core, the attack would deal it's basic damage +10 to Cut Man. Let's also say that Shadow Man uses Shadow Blade to Beta Man. Since it is a Shadow-core, the attack would deal it's basic damage -10 to Beta Man. However, if Beta Man is hit with a Shadow-core attack that normally deals 10 damage, it will still deal 10 damage.
-Field Cards don't have to do both Increases and Decreases. It can just increase without a decrease, or it can decrease without an increase. It has to at least have one or the other, though.
-The attack increase and decrease limit for Field Cards is 30. If it's a Special Field Card, the limit is 50.
-Any suggestions on what should be added/removed/changed? Just say so!
-Certain rules based on making a card will only have warnings. Other rule breaks, such as taking an extra turn when not supposed to, will go in this order: Warning, loss of 10 Zenny, loss of up to 50 Zenny, loss of ALL Zenny, and probably loss of all Zenny AND a week-long ban.
Here is the card maker for robots:

Attack 1/Power:
Attack/Power Description:
Attack 2: (Optional)
Attack 2 Description: (Optional)
Attack 3: (Optional)
Attack 3 Description: (Optional)
Flavor Text: (Optional)

And then the one for supports:

Flavor Text: (Optional)

And now the one for Field Cards:

Flavor Text: (Optional)
I somehow ran out of space to place down the card sets. If you want cards go HERE
Decks and Zenny
Beta Man
Cards: Beta Man, Sargent Man, Ninja Man, Mega Man, Shocker Man, Justice, Crime, Time Man, Oil Man, Quick Man, Skull Man, Terra, Sunstar, Legacy MegaBoy, Legacy ZeroDXZ, Legacy Bt Man, Legacy X DXZ, Legacy TailsMK4, Legacy Super TailsMK4, Bond Man, Ocean Man, Honey Woman, Plant Man, Centaur Man, Metal Man, Flame Man, Solar Man, Aqua Man, Clown Man, Puppet Master, Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, Undyne, Toriel, Muffet, Shadow Core, Missile Core, Swift Core, Copy Core, Copy Core, Empty Core, EEKADO, Twin Blades of Power, MegaBoy's Support, Beta Man's Support, Bt Man's Old Armor, Sargent Man's Support, Hero's Light, Villain's Shadow, Red Soul (50)
Zenny: 50
Cards: MegaBoyX7, MegaBoyX7 (2), Legacy Old MegaBoyX7, BtMan MODEL-1, EEKADO (RM), Skull Man, Ring Man, Oil Man, Mega Man, Deck Man, Twin Blades of Power, Laser Core, Shadow Core, Copy Core, Neutral Core, Wind Core, Shadow Core, Time Core, Earth Core, EEKADO, Bt's lost old helmet, Proto Man's shades, W-Tank, E-Tank (23)
Zenny: 0
Cards: Ender Man, Blaze Man, Rockman Shadow, Tom Nook, Adrian, Jolt Man, Frigid Man, Illusion Man, Cipher Man, Primal Man, End-Ball, Skeleton Man, Bomb Arrow, Dr. J, Deck Man, Earth Core, Cutter Core, Wind Core, Flame Core, Shadow Core, Swift Core, Wind Core, Shadow Core, Nature Core, Electric Core, Freeze Core, Shadow Core, Laser Core, Explode Core, Hyper Storm, Shadow Cloak, Ender Labs, Tom Nook's Shop, Ballade's Space Station (34)
Zenny: 0
Cards: Musical, Theatre Man, Lark Man, Blossom Woman, Desert Man, Cosmo Man, Color Man, Shark Man, Hera, Terri, Apollo, Slur (Megabound), StupidStudiosN, StupidStudiosJ, Meta, Deck Man, Mercury Orb, Pluto Orb, Prototype Orb, Note, Rest, Chorus (S), Bad Box Art Fire Man, Light Armor, Heavyweight Armor, Shooting Star, Lark Rocket, Carrois' Room, Becky, SSN's Army, Hephaestus' Visor, Bethany the Pomeranian, The Capsule, Lunarside, Mars' Eternal Flame, Athena's Ghostly Hands, Crystal Core, Space Core, Flame Core, Nature Core, Impact Core, Space Core, Crystal Core, Water Core, Crystal Core, Neutral Core, Electric Core, Space Core, Shadow Core (47)
Zenny: 0
Cards: Phantom Man, Chorus (RM), Orchestra, Ballade, Mario, Link, Shulk, Robin, Mr. Game and Watch, Snake, Meta, MegaBossMan, StupidStudiosN, Quint, Adrian, StupidStudiosC3, StupidStudiosJ, Ballade Cracker, Shadow Core, Copy Core, Time Core, Space Core, Impact Core, Explode Core, Flame Core, Cutter Core, Shield Core, Laser Core, Copy Core, Space Core, Swift Core, Laser Core, Shadow Core, Time Core, Swift Core, Cutter Core, Tactical Retreat, Super-Charged, X-Tank, Assist Trophy, Metal Box, Super Star, Franklin Badge, Cucco, Timer, Spectrum Beam, Sakugarne Boost, Cuukee, Life Aura, Six Human Souls (50)
Zenny: 0
Cards: Gravity Man, Dust Man, Bright Man, Toad Man, Spark Man, Gyro Man, Flash Man, Dynamo Man, Wave Man, Deck Man, Wind Core, Electric Core, Time Core, Water Core, Electric Core, Wind Core, Time Core, Electric Core, Water Core, Tango, Barrier, Nullify, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, E-tank, Buster Overheat, Haunt, Power Production, Backup Plan, Self-Destruct, Blinding Light (31)
Zenny: 0
Cards: Brimstone, Minus-∞ Skull Man, Minus-∞ Pharaoh Man, Minus-∞ Bright Man, Minus-∞ Dive Man, Minus-∞ Shadow Man, Quint, Minus-∞ Drill Man, Minus-∞ Ring Man, Minus-∞ Dust Man, Minus-∞ Toad Man, Adrian, Chimerabot #1, Chimerabot #2, Chimerabot #3, Reaper Man, Daemon, Shadow Core, Shadow Core, Swift Core, Flame Core, Swift Core, Electric Core, Laser Core, Swift Core, Explode Core, Swift Core, Shadow Core, Earth Core, Space Core, Swift Core, Wind Core, Impact Core, Water Core, Electric Core, Cutter Core, Nature Core, Swift Core, Cutter Core, Crystal Core, Burnt Emblem, Minus-Infinity Core, Ballade Cracker, Sakugarne Boost, Pharaoh Shotgun, Water Cutter, Shadow Kunai (50)
Zenny: 0
Retro Pikachu
Cards: Pyro, Locke Cole, Eliwood, Lyndis, Hector, Pikachu, Black Mage, Gaiden Cleric, Sabin, Lucario, Mewtwo, Dracula, Bill Cipher, Death, Enker [Retro], Bass.EXE, Colonel.EXE, Protoman.EXE, Megaman.EXE, Flame Core, Flame Core, Swift Core, Cutter Core, Electric Core, Crystal Core, Nature Core, Crystal Core, Laser Core, Shadow Core, Impact Core, Swift Core, Neutral Core, Missile Core, Alure Une, Sandvich, Paladin's Shield, The Forbidden Power, HM-03, Mimic, Devil Axe, Reraise, Smart Bomb, Damage Ratio x2.0, Pain Split, Omega Stage, Weakness Policy, LifeAura, Endure, Green Soul, Yellow Soul (50)
Zenny: 100
Cards: Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Apollo Justice, ZeroDXZ, Deck Man, Flame Core, Swift Core, Swift Core, Space Core, Laser Core, Swift Core, Evidence, Attorney's Badge, Phoenix's Phone, Pearl's Magmatama, Mia Fey's Attorney Badge, Supporting Evidence, Apollo's Wristband, Apollo's "Monster Hair" (19)
Zenny: 100
Cards: Phoenix Wright, Crimson Man, Grillby, Crystal Woman, Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, One Punch Man, Sasuke, Asgore, JOHN CENA, Vegeta, Super Saiyan JOHN CENA, Deck Man, Space Core, Swift Core, Laser Core, Flame Core, Crystal Core, Swift Core, Impact Core, Swift Core, Wind Core, Cutter Core, Impact Core, Swift Core, Shadow Core, Flame Core, Flame Core, Cutter Core, Impact Core, Swift Core, Impact Core, Impact Core, Swift Core, Phoenix's Phone, Evidence, Yasichi, Laser Tag Starforce, Saitama's Fist, Sensu Bean, Dark Fragment (2), Counter Chip, Parry Chip, Dog Residue (42)
Zenny: 50
Cards: The Adventure Puppet, Endo-01, Endo-02, Arcanine, Electivire, Scizor, Blastoise, Vileplume, Arbok, Sunstar, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Charizard, Golduck, Victreebel, Slowbro, Cloyster, Venusaur, Sandslash, Ninetales, Starmie, Magmortar, Pinsir, Psi Man, Solid Armor, Landmine, Sky Jet, Auto:Shield Chip, Neon Wasp, Block20, Black Hole, Flame Core, Flame Core Laser Core, Laser Core, Laser Core, Electric Core, Electric Core, Electric Core, Water Core, Water Core, Water Core, Water Core, Water Core, Crystal Core (50)
Zenny: 50
Cards: Kali, Bakasura, Bright Man, Skull Man, Spark Mandrill, Boomerang Kuwanger, Ares, Hades, Anubis, Osiris, Raijin, Chacc, Centipede Bot, Pharah, Zenyatta, Pluto, Dust Man, Deck Man, Earth Core, Shadow Core, Wind Core, Cutter Core, Electric Core, Cutter Core, Flame Core, Shadow Core, Shadow Core, Nature Core, Electric Core, Water Core, Nature Core, Missile Core, Nature Core, A Small Fireball, Kali's Husband's Disabled Corpse, An Apple with a Razor Sharped Teethed Ant with a Mega Man Onesie on, SPICY BLACK PEPPER!!!!, Dr. Cossack, The Curry of all Fools, Ultimate Gambling, Ares and his Pride, Bloodstained Cloak, Heated Fist (35)
Zenny: 50
Mettaur Man
Cards: Guts Man, Beta Man, Terra, Saturn, Deck Man, Nice Ice, Impact Core, Swift Core, Shield Core, Copy Core, Copy Core, Laser Core, Missile Core, Freeze Core, Starforce (15)
Zenny: 0
Cards: Anubis, Osiris, Deck Man, Shadow Core, Nature Core (5)
Zenny: 50
MMRPG Trading Card Game: The Remake!
Posted by Beta Man on November 10th, 2015 at 6:57pm
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Beta Man
777,526,268 BP
36 TP | 1487 PP
Posted on May 13th, 2017 at 11:11pm Edited on 2017/05/13 at 11:21pm
Posted 2017/05/13 at 11:11pm Edited 2017/05/13 at 11:21pm

*About an hour of freaking out later...*

Ok, so this one can't be destroyed either. So I might as well... *Sigh* First the mirror cards, now this...

Core: Shadow and Crystal
Health: 300
Power: BAD TOM
Power Description: If SANESS is hit, his damage will be increased by +30 Damage until A. SANESS is defeated or B. The current opponent is.
Attack 2: BAD TOM GUN
Attack 2 Description: SANESS fires a giant, poorly-drawn bone at the target to deal 80 Damage.
Attack 3 Description: SANESS summons the giant head of Tom from Tom and Jerry* to fire lasers. Flip two coins. For each set of heads, this attack does 50 Damage.
Resistance: Shadow
Weakness: Empty
Flavor Text: SANESS was an April Fools Joke made by Youtuber Sr Pelo due to everyone trying to rush him. This joke made SANESS a popular meme, and even inspired the creation of an EEKADO version of Beta known as BAKA.
There. All taken care of. I can't believe this escalated here so quickly... At least the community's alive again.

Although, I can't shake off the feeling that something BAD's going to happen... No...
I feel as if something bad ALREADY happened... And things are about to get much WORSE.
...Hmph. What he fails to realize is that I left a bit of a surprise in his office while I was dropping that card off.
The time has come, Reaper. Soon... *I* will be taking control... Just like MKII did.
Soon, everything will go according to plan... And this world shall meet its demise... And its heroes shall die along with it!

*Ah, the good ol' days of cartoons.
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1,217,169,108 BP
10 TP | 800 PP
Posted on May 14th, 2017 at 9:46am Edited on 2017/05/14 at 11:17am
Posted 2017/05/14 at 9:46am Edited 2017/05/14 at 11:17am
Dark Taranza: DESTROY the world? I'm trying to take it over! I don't have the time to be doing this, either, I have monsters to *REGGAE'D* off!

*Dark Taranza teleports away*

Alright, only two special cards. I can do this.

Name: Shadow Dedede (SPECIAL)
Core: Shadow/Impact
Health: 200
Attack 1: Shadow Nail
Attack Description: Flip a coin. If it's tails, the enemy takes 60 damage!
Attack 2: Shadow Flip
Attack 2 Description: Flip three coins. If they're both tails, Shadow Dedede does a whopping 150 damage to the enemy!
Attack 3: Shadow Blast
Attack 3 Description: Shadow Dedede's stomach-mouth opens, shooting out a dark orb at the enemy! Flip two coins. For each one that is tails, the enemy side takes 40 damage!
Resistance: Shadow
Weakness: Impact

Name: Parallel Susie (SPECIAL)
Core: Swift/Shadow
Health: 200
Power: Fury Mode
Power Description: When Parallel Susie is at 100 or less health, her attacks do 30 more damage!
Attack 2: Spin Drive
Attack 2 Description: Flip 7 coins. For each one that's tails, Susie deals 20 damage!
Attack 3: Mini-Drone
Attack 3 Description: Susie summons a drone that does 10 damage to the enemy for 10 turns! It can't be reused until 3 turns after the drone expires.
Resistance: Swift
Weakness: Explode

Whew, that should be enou- *finds a letter from a ring-shaped portal saying, "Turn on the dang news"* *turns on the dang news*

Reporter: -al-mart is FINALLY open after a good amount of years. On a darker note, there has been quite a commotion among a good amount of minibosses, some attack people that are outside their own stage. Witnesses also report that there was some anthropomorphic cross between a daddy long-legs and a wasp provoking them by throwing rocks at them or doing something else to egg them on. Reports also called them an utter pottymouth.

Reporter: On a BETTER note, The Dang News has turned 5 years old today! And now, to completely transition to the weather report because my script has no good segway into it! Here's Castform, with the weather.

Castform: Thanks, unnamed reporter. Now, we're looking at some sight showers..

Well, crap. The Dang News was actually plot-relevant like pretty much every time ever.
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232,166 BP
0 TP | 20 PP
Posted on May 14th, 2017 at 1:45pm Edited on 2017/05/14 at 2:14pm
Posted 2017/05/14 at 1:45pm Edited 2017/05/14 at 2:14pm
Name: Core Amplifier
Core: Neutral
Description, If the core given to the robot master matches the core of the robot master, and this is used, the attack(s) with the core boost will also be boosted by 50.

Name: Core Neutralizer
Core: Neutral
Description: If the opponent uses a core or recently has used a core, and the user activates this card, the attack(s) with the core boosts will be subtracted by 50.

Name: Sniper Joe Traning Grounds
Core: Neutral
Increases: Neutral +30 Copy +20 Laser +10
Decreases: Shadow -30 Crystal -30

Name: Proto Man MKII's Torture Asylum
Core: Empty
Increases: Empty +50
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1,217,169,108 BP
10 TP | 800 PP
Posted on May 14th, 2017 at 2:46pm Edited on 2017/05/14 at 3:28pm
Posted 2017/05/14 at 2:46pm Edited 2017/05/14 at 3:28pm
Sounds like someone's racking up a good amount of cards thus far. I will simply respond in kind.

Name: Rainbow Route
Increases: Nature +20, Neutral +10
Decreases: Earth -10, Freeze -20, Water -10, Space -30

Name: Moonlight Mansion
Increases: Shadow +30, Earth +30, Electric +10, Nature +10
Decreases: Water -20, Flame -20

Name: Cabbage Cavern
Increases: Earth +30, Water +10
Decreases: Wind -30, Electric -20

Name: Mustard Mountain
Increases: Flame +30, Wind +20, Earth +10
Decreases: Freeze -30, Electric -30

Name: Carrot Castle
Increases: Impact +30, Missile +30, Electric +10
Decreases: Cutter -20

Name: Olive Ocean
Increases: Water +30
Decreases: Earth -10, Freeze -10,

Name: Peppermint Palace
Increases: Freeze +30, Shield +20
Decreases: Water -10, Copy -10, Time -10, Cutter -10, Earth -10, Missile -10

Name: Radish Ruins
Increases: Earth +30, Empty +10, Cutter +10, Swift +10
Decreases: Impact -10, Wind -30

Name: Candy Constellation
Increases: Space +30, Earth +10, Impact +10, Cutter +10
Decreases: Freeze -10, Flame -30, Water -30, Electric -30, Nature -30

*Meanwhile, that very same post*
Dark Taranza: Let's see, monsters I still have to *REGGAE'D* off... Greater Doomer, Colossal Hot Head, Gigant Edge, Miasmoros... UGH, so many left... Whatever, I still have three more tricks up my sleeve. I'll only summon them when it's time, though. First, I gotta give the Vocal Volcano some of the ol' Shadow Orb treatment!
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Beta Man
777,526,268 BP
36 TP | 1487 PP
Posted on May 15th, 2017 at 4:08pm
Posted 2017/05/15 at 4:08pm
...So this Dark Taranza won't join us... Very well then. We'll leave him to take over the world...
Then we'll strike, and make him fear us and regret not joining us as we destroy them along with the rest of this pathetic world!
...That or Rotom or someone else will just defeat them. Fine by me either way.
Might as well do this before Retro comes back and thinks I have been ignoring our battle.

However, I'm gonna need to investigate whatever's going on with the cards and such and where those Mirror Cards come from, so lets do this QUICKly.

Quick Man is sent out!
*Flip coins* ONLY ONE HEADS!? Ugh, fine.
Quick Man uses Boomerang Barrage! 10 Damage to Pikachu!
Quick Man
Status: Probably rushed in a bit TOO quick...
Status: Meh.

Meanwhile, on Gemini News...
flash-man ...So with Top Man working with Dark Man 4 now, Gemini needed a new host, and that's why I'm-...Wait, we're rolling? Oh f-
flash-man Breaking news from Downtown... What's Mega City's neighboring city called again?
flash-man Er, anyways! Reports have shown that some strange creatures The Dang News calls "Minibosses" are storming the city! We now go live to our reporter in the field, Crazy Cannon #51517.
crazy-cannon Thanks, Flash. As you can see, some very strange individuals have appeared in the field. But not to worry, Gemini TV's best fighters are here to capture the beasts!
hard-man You hear that, you giant freaks? We're gonna catch you with these giant Gemini-brand ne- *Rekt*
crazy-cannon ...This just in, we are now looking for a bit of help with the capture. You will be rewarded handsomely with... Whatever Gemini Man decides to put up as a reward. Back to you, Flash!
flash-man Thanks Crazy Cannon. And now to Cloud Man with the weather. Cloud? *TV is turned off*

...Hmph. Gemini Man, sometimes I wonder about you...
Instead of sending me and Phantom, you send one of those fellow 3rd-generation buddies of yours to face those things.
And to make matters worse, MKII has been declining my calls. And with Phantom Man out doing who knows what and calling it "getting groceries"... *Pulls out a familiar-looking katana*
...Then it looks like I must deal with this myself.
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Retro Pikachu
3,561,826,418 BP
29 TP | 620 PP
Posted on May 17th, 2017 at 12:49am
Posted 2017/05/17 at 12:49am
@Beta Man : Time to bring the thunder. 70 Damage!
Status: pretty fine
Quick Man
Status: pretty fine
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1,217,169,108 BP
10 TP | 800 PP
Posted on May 20th, 2017 at 8:58pm Edited on 2017/05/20 at 9:10pm
Posted 2017/05/20 at 8:58pm Edited 2017/05/20 at 9:10pm
I'm just gonna put this in the RSB pack. This ain't going in the april fools one.

Name: Abomination Man (SPECIAL)
Core: Neutral
Health: 250
Power: Weak Armor
Power Description: When Abomination Man is hit with his weakness, he loses 10 defense, but uses the same attack twice next turn!
Attack 2: Cobalt Drills
Attack 2 Description: Flip 2 coins. For each one that is heads, the enemy takes 40 damage and loses 20 defense!
Attack 3: Aeon Wave
Attack 3 Description: Abomination Man lets loose an explosion of energy that has the equivalent of something that's been built up over an aeon! This does 150 DAMAGE, but can only be used once per battle.
Resistance: Neutral, Cutter, Empty
Weakness: Impact, Explode, Swift
Flavor Text: This guy is an utter abomination and a messup. SO WHY IS HE SO POWERFUL!? The guy has that whole... "Incomplete" feel, as well...
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Beta Man
777,526,268 BP
36 TP | 1487 PP
Posted on May 23rd, 2017 at 6:28pm
Posted 2017/05/23 at 6:28pm
Alright, let's do this. *Flips coins* And 3 heads this time!
Quick Man uses Boomerang Barrage! 30 Damage to Pikachu!
Status: ...Well... Depends on perspective.
Quick Man
Status: Meh.

Alright, time for the REAL reason I decided to post.

For those of you who don't go to chat, I have decided to continue working on a CYOA Comic I had. Check it out if you want.
The reason I'm posting it HERE is because A. There is at least ONE person who doesn't go to chat that might want to see this thing continue, and to give out a hint, it's because he CAN'T. (As far as I am aware.) B. I have no other thread to put this in, because C. I'm not posting this in the MMRPG community ever again, aside from placing it in my profile, but not many people actually READS those anymore, so yeah.
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Retro Pikachu
3,561,826,418 BP
29 TP | 620 PP
Posted on May 24th, 2017 at 1:07am
Posted 2017/05/24 at 1:07am
@Beta Man : ZAP! THUNDER for 70!
Status: eh
Quick Man
Status: Uh oh
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