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The Projects Thread

February 23rd, 2016 at 9:54pm
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So, I have been noticing the flood with threads advertising the projects users are making. With the help of the Evil Geniuses known as MegaBossMan and Mikey, we have decided that it would be best if everyone can post many projects on one thread instead of having many threads for one project. So if you're making a video/webcomic/story, you can post it here, feedback to any of these projects is also welcome.

Also I'm writing a "Short" story called Megabound, so Shameless Advertising also congrats to me season 2 has officially started!
Chapter 1: Panic Button
Chapter 2: The Reveal
Chapter 3: The Ride to Portland
Chapter 4: Terri
Chapter 5: Mars and the Fusion
Chapter 6: Terri the Pacifist
Chapter 7: Apollo
Chapter 8: Plutus
Chapter 9: Apollo is a Bad Driver
Megabound Chapter 10 Special: Mikey the Evil Scientist
Chapter 11: Julian, the last Chosen One
Chapter 12: B-I-N-G-O
Chapter 13: Bethany the Pomeranian
Chapter 14: Strange Case of Dr. Athena and Mr. Hyde
Chapter 15: Allison
Chapter 16: Lunarside
Chapter 17: We Need to Talk
Chapter 18: The Donut-Copter
Chapter 19: Broken Reality
Chapter 20: The Penultimate Peril
Chapter 21 Finale: Slur, the Magnum Opus
Season Two Premeire: Serenity, aka FemaleForte
Chapter 2: The Fusion, the Fragments, and the Figure
Chapter 3: The Dogaphant in the Room
Chapter 4: Hiatus Over
Chapter 5: Pagnotte di Altamora
Chapter 6: Venicebound
Chapter 7: SS Machine
Chapter 8: Holy Hippopotamus MusicalKitty actually got off of her lazy bum and finally revived Megabound again. Let's hope she doesn't make us wait half of a month again, right?
Chapter 9: The Little Flaming Space Rock
Chapter 10a: Ketchup Starfish
Chapter 10b: Freaky Teleportation Camels
Chapter 11: Apollo Returns

Current Users that have appeared in Megabound (Chronologically)
BetaMan (Cameo)
Perfect Zero
BetaMan (Appearance)
Uraccountcrashed (finally)

If you'd want to be part of this ever-growing story, you may ask and I will NOT consider your role. Sorry, but if you wanted to be in, you should have asked when you had the chance.

Other Projects:

MusicalKitty's "Poor Napstablook" series
Chapter 1: Poor Napstablook
Chapter 2: Temmie's College

Uraccountcrashed's "Master Disaster" series
Chapter 1-10: Master Disaster

MegaBoy's "The MegaBoyical Charades" series
Chapter 0: Prelude
Chapter 1: Pure MegaBoymation

MusicalKitty's "Electric Love" bios
Bio Goals
Gemini Man

Ender's "MusicalKitty x MegaBoy" series
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Rotom's "Data Cache" series
Chapter 1: The Cold
Chapter 2: The Hub

MusicalKitty's "Mega Manopoly" Game
Version 0.13
This version has:
-The addition of Roll, Cut Man, and Guts Man
-16 Upgrades
-10 Achievements
Also I'm not doing Mega Manopoly anymore, it was too much to jostle around that and Megabound, and was 60% responsible for the 2.2 week hiatus, sorry, but there's version 0.25, I may or may not link it for you though

Beta's "MegaTale" Series
Chapter 1: A Field of Flowers
Chapter 2: Your Best Friend (Genocide)
Chapter 2: Your Best Friend (Pacifst)
But No One Came...

Alto's "Alto takes Kalos" Series
Water Jokes

Musical's "Kanto Retold" series
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
The Projects Thread
Posted by Musical on February 23rd, 2016 at 9:54pm
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Posted on April 1st, 2017 at 9:16pm
Posted 2017/04/01 at 9:16pm
That ending summarized my style of ending complaints REALLY well. 10/10.

Also Dan Hibiki jokes FTW. Not only that, but the thing actually LAMPSHADES the fact that it was made on April 1st.
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